Dr. Elizabeth Youmans

Elizabeth Youman

Elizabeth L. Youmans has served North American Christian education as a classroom teacher, school administrator, trainer of teachers, graduate school professor, curriculum writer, editor of The Noah Plan®, a K-12 published day and homeschool curriculum. Dr. Youmans founded and now governs a Christian educational institute called Chrysalis International in Orlando, Florida. With 30 years of pioneering experience in Word-centered education at the local and national level, she now imparts the vision for educational reform internationally by laying teaching and learning solidly on the foundation of Christ and His Word. Challenged in 2002 by an international NGO to create a principle-based curriculum for at-risk children around the world, she designed and now writes and edits the curriculum for AMO®, an enriched, children’s program that is translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Korean and Burmese for use throughout the world.

For the past twenty years, she has traveled throughout the United States and the world as a conference speaker and consultant to Christian school founders, pastors, faculties, and home educators. She has helped establish their vision and expression of Christian education by consulting with pastors and administrators and training faculties. For ten years, Dr. Youmans taught on-line distance and traditional campus courses in the School of Education at Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she mentored students and international leaders and saw them return to their countries and establish institutes, Christian schools, and training centers.

Dr. Youmans has been associated with many outstanding Christian educators. For over twenty years she co-labored with Dr. Carole Adams as a founding parent and educator at Stonebridge School to establish the vision and pioneer the expression of Principle Approach education as a national demonstration school. Stonebridge School is an A.C.S.I. accredited, K4-12 day school located in Chesapeake, Virginia, where she is now a Board of Directors Emeritus. Dr. Youmans served four years as the director of Stonebridge Educational Foundation and developed a national teachers training program. She also labored with Rosalie Slater at the Foundation for American Christian Education. As the director of educational projects for six years, she compiled and wrote curriculum guides and edited The Noah Plan.

As a college graduate, she served as a dietitian at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, minored in music at the undergraduate level, has lived with her family in Stuttgart, Germany, and is the mother of four grown children and grandmother of eight grandchildren. Elizabeth is a member of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Orlando, Florida.

Educational Background:

  • Ed.D., Whitefield Theological Seminary and College: Christian Education and Curriculum
  • M.A.Ed., Regent University: Independent Studies
  • A.D.A. Internship, Fort Sam Houston Medical Center, Texas: Hospital Dietitian
  • B.S., The Pennsylvania State University: Hospital Dietetics